About Indochine Nha Trang

Formerly a construction and infrastructure development company, Indochina Nha Trang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (referred to as Indochine Nha Trang for short) is oriented to develop into a multi-industry corporation, operating in three areas. Main: Construction, Real Estate and Energy

Years of experience in construction, infrastructure development and real estate
Main sectors: Construction, Real Estate Tourism Services and Energy
Indochine Nha Trang aims to become the leading real estate brand in Nha Trang and Vietnam
Grow into a multi-industry corporation
Real estate
Real estate is the core business of Indochine Nha Trang, across all segments such as: Residential - office real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, tourism real estate, .. .


Perspective of Imperium Town Nha Trang project
Taking advantage of strong financial resources, professional management system and abundant land fund, Indochine Nha Trang gradually becomes a professional real estate investor and developer, taking customer experience as the value. core values.


Infinity pool project Imperium Town Nha Trang
Not only ensuring construction progress at a reasonable cost, the projects developed by Indochine Nha Trang also meet high requirements for quality, engineering - fine art, bring the best experiences, build trust sustainable for customers who own the Company's products.
5-star class view of Imperium Town Nha Trang project
Civil and infrastructure construction

This is one of the professions that have created the prestige and brand of Indochine Nha Trang in the market for more than 10 years.

With the orientation to become one of the multi-industry corporations, in which the construction industry is strongly developed, Indochine Nha Trang constantly promotes construction investment activities, continuously updates construction technologies, in order to improve construction quality, ensuring construction progress as committed with customers, including civil works and infrastructure works.

Travel services

With its existing advantages, and the same goal of diversifying its fields of activity, Indochine Nha Trang has been investing in expanding and developing tourism services, bringing a variety of experiences to customers when traveling and relaxing in Vietnam. Nha Trang.

Travel service at famous landmarks

Relaxing at the beautiful beach

Energy development

With the unremitting efforts of the leading staff and experienced experts in the field of energy development, Indochine Nha Trang has been implementing many important and large-scale projects.

The company always focuses on developing high-quality human resources, always pioneering the application of new and advanced technologies of the world, .. in project design consulting work to meet all the strictest requirements of the company. customers, thereby affirming the company's brand and reputation.

Imperium town
Imperium town