Training and developing
This is the motto of Indochina Nha Trang to help the staff maximize their potential with a clear career orientation, create opportunities for self-development and become future leaders.
Training programs include: integration training for all employees, short-term and intensive career skills training, skill improvement for employees, training of potential leaders.
Young - Dynamic working environment
Emphasizing the collective strength, Indochina Nha Trang always encourages each individual to make connections, realize their full potential, learn new things and discover the opportunities and challenges that come with development. The operation purpose of Indochina Nha Trang is based on companionship, sincerity and mutual respect to increase the value of individuals and organizations.
We constantly improve the environment and working conditions to create the most comfortable for employees.
The young - dynamic - enthusiastic - confident - sociable - friendly staff is the most valuable asset that Indochina Nha Trang possesses.
Compensation system
Competitive salary and bonus policy, suitable for each job position, skills and qualifications.
Salary increase: Periodically consider salary increase once a year. Time to consider salary increase from the beginning of the year. The rate of salary increase consideration is based on the performance of the previous year.
Quarterly/Yearly Bonus: Based on quarterly/annual KPI evaluation results, the company will reward individuals and teams with good performance. In addition, honor and vote for individuals and groups with good achievements in the period.
Bonus for exceeding the target: Every year, there will be an additional bonus for exceeding the profit target based on the rate approved by the shareholders' council. This is also a recognition of the dedication and efforts of the Indochina Nha Trang management team in the management work towards efficiency exceeding shareholders' expectations.
Welfare policy
Indochina Nha Trang is one of the units with the best welfare system on the market today, including:
Policy on social insurance and private insurance according to the Company's regulations.
Study promotion policy for children of managers and employees.
Tour/team work/team building program according to Company regulations.
Events include: International Women's Day 8/3 (March); Activities to celebrate the establishment of the Company (April); Family Day (June); Team building (July); Going to school with children (September), Mid-Autumn Festival, Vietnamese Women (October 20); Company year-end (January 1).
Annual general health check-up for employees.
Policies to take care of employees' lives: Birthday gifts, gifts for the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, international women's gifts, wedding gifts, visits...
Sports services for employees to exchange and exercise according to the Company's regulations such as football, badminton, tennis, yoga.
Housing support according to the Company's regulations.
Training programs to improve working skills and professionalism for employees.Lorem ipsum